Announcing: New Release of Tactical Series Dedicated Radio Monitor

A major update for the best in-class radio communications enhancement device in the industry. 

Announcing: New Release of Tactical Series Dedicated Radio Monitor

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY. - June 28, 2018 - TowerIQ, the premier manufacturer of Dedicated Radio Monitors for Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement Systems announced the availability of the latest generation of its Tactical Series - Dedicated Radio Monitoring devices and cloud interface.

Critical to the new release is development of the TowerlinQ Signal Line Circuit, the only life-safety grade SLC developed exclusively for life-safety radio enhancement systems. Operating on a single pair of fire-alarm cable, each TowerlinQ SLC easily supports up to 24 high speed devices, is ground fault monitored, and built to first responder radio standards.

Operating off of a UL864/1481 power supply and installed at the fire command location, the upgraded Channel Supervisory Unit provides an intuitive drill-down display to present all health metrics of the Radio Enhancement System. Operating on the TowerlinQ SLC a Channel Supervisory Unit intelligently logs and analyzes thousands of system health metrics, categorizes, and reports to the fire-alarm system via RS-485 or Form C contacts.

To control an isolated Radio Enhancement System, such as NYC’s ARCS program, a Channel Control Unit connects to a Channel Supervisory Unit and provides direct communications and control over a fireground radio channel. Built-to P25 industry standards, a Channel Control Unit operates on the TowerlinQ SLC without the requirement for additional conductors. Unlike other solutions, this means all conductors are monitored for ground fault.

Used to monitor devices such as bi-directional amplifiers, power supplies, or building infrastructure a Radio Amplification Monitor installed on the TowerlinQ SLC provides eight fire-alarm grade initiating device circuits and an ethernet adapter for IP capable devices.

The new Tactical Series release introduces cloud based programming and remote monitoring. The TIQ.Cloud web platform enables all stakeholders to quickly receive and process pertinent system health information. Additionally, service partners can utilize the TIQ.Cloud platform to program, service, and monitor all Radio Enhancement System components.

Victor Semenov, TowerIQ’s Chief Technology Officer said “Intuitively combining fire-alarm, two-way radio, and survivability was a challenge. Making the Tactical Series adaptable with the constant changes and regional variations in radio enhancement systems was an achievement. By trusting our service partners to coordinate, program, and supervise radio enhancement systems with their local authorities we have provided the instrustry an unmatched value.”

TowerIQ, Inc. works towards a safer future by manufacturing reliable, affordable, and easy-to-install wireless infrastructure for buildings. A multinational corporation based out of New York City, the company’s Tactical Series line of products operates at the nexus of two-way radio and fire-alarm systems, speaking the language of both.

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