Announcing: Version 4 RAU Enclosure - UL Type 4x Listed

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY. - June 20, 2018 - TowerIQ, the premier manufacturer of Dedicated Radio Consoles announces the adoption of a new, American made, UL 50 Type 4x enclosure certified for use Radio Amplification Unit enclosure use. The version 4 enclosure, manufactured by APX Enclosures, Inc. of Pennsylvania, will be the utilized on all upcoming installations. Maintenance support will continue for the previous FDNY approved and accepted enclosures. All affected projects will be notified and their drawings and submittals will be updated to reflect the change. TowerIQ has worked with APX Enclosures to ensure the footprint, installation, and operation of the new version 4 enclosure will compatible with all existing designs. This enclosure update is a single part of a larger version 4 update to TowerIQ’s Tactical Series Dedicated Radio Consoles making installations easier and more economical, while improving survivability. For Questions: Douglas Baena Vice President TowerIQ, Inc. (646) 392-7042

Official Release

New Enclosure Drawing