“Walkie” Choices for Local Authorities (Video Included)

Basic Questions for Every Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement System Requirement


A dependable source of communications for firefighters is as essential to them as having access to water. Advancing beyond the firefighter phones for in-building emergency communications was a critical step in improving the operational ability of our emergency responders and the safety of building occupants. With technological advancements such as Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement Systems, we now have new operational choices for code officials to implement and enforce. While emergency responders had decades to integrate firefighter phones into their operational procedures; this new and powerful tool does not have the benefit of such a long adoption period.

TowerIQ is pleased to announce our multi-part blog and video series describing the different operational choices every Authority Having Jurisdiction must make to provide their emergency responders with useful, reliable, and compliant in-building two-way radio communications. As part of this series, we look forward to providing authorities with the fundamental choices they must make, as well as the pros and cons of those choices. Including:

  • What are the required channels?

    • Different services may utilize different systems and different frequencies, drastically affecting system costs and operational complexity.

  • Isolated systems or integrated systems?

    • Should each building requiring a system stand alone or act as a part of your larger two-way radio networks?

  • Simultaneous channel coverage or selectable channel coverage?

    • Cover all channels at once or allow an incident commander to selectively activate the channels needed?

  • Fire command center or a roll up command post?

    • Should the incident commander operate at a fire command center inside the building or at a designated roll up command post?

By answering these fundamental questions, not only will you be able to relay how a Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement System can best work with your team’s operations, but you will also provide your building owners with the necessary information say in turn can provide your emergency responders with the two-way radio coverage they need.