Guardian Design Solutions includes a free, comprehensive pre-sale service designed to empower you to successfully and profitably win Guardian BDA projects. The service offers an extensive project budget estimation, detailing both pre-construction and post-construction costs and services. We apply the expertise and take the guesswork out of the process by ensuring that all potential costs are identified upfront and will meet the approval of the local jurisdiction.

Guardian Design Solutions

The process is simple – submit your request with project parameters and you will promptly receive everything you need to bid the project. All inquiries are carefully managed by TowerIQ's dedicated ERCES Design Team, ensuring each inquiry is handled to your satisfaction.

Since winning the job is obviously the end goal, Guardian Design Solutions also makes it easy to manage the post-sale services and support to ensure you complete the project on time and within budget. All of these services are included in the initial estimate and can be purchased separately based on the client, project or internal needs.

Guardian Design Solutions makes growing your business in the BDA market easy and successful. Please reach out to your Regional Sales Manager for any support needed throughout the process and let's win these projects together!

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Step-by-Step Process

In order to successfully install an Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System, there is a specific or nuanced process that you must go through. As long as you follow these processes, most of these potential hiccups and shortcomings that every job can have can be avoided.

Using Guardian Design Solutions takes many of the headaches out of the administrative and design side of integrating an ERCES into your project. We offer this service to increase your success rate in the ERCES market to 100% and to ensure the building gets their certificate of occupancy on time with as few speed bumps as possible. The most difficult project is always the first one, so let us help you navigate it. We'll successfully help bring your project Signal Where It Matters.