TowerIQ, Inc., the premier manufacturer of life safety wireless networks for smart buildings, announces the release of its universal First Responder Remote Monitoring Solution; a total solution for remote diagnostics and support of any First Responder Distributed Antenna System.

TowerIQ’s secure platform enables local authorities having jurisdiction, property managers, and service companies to have access to full system history and understanding of all buildings under their purview. The TIQ.Cloud remote monitoring solution works with TowerIQ's Tactical Series to supervise any First Responder DAS device to support initiating device circuits and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) network reporting. Easily programmed by qualified fire alarm technicians, the detailed system conditions of the First Responder Distributed Antenna System are displayed at the Dedicated Radio Monitor with the TIQ.Cloud interface, automatically triggering email, text, and phone call alerts.

TowerIQ is proud to provide TIQ.Cloud as a remote monitoring solution for all stakeholders,” said Connor Crowley, CEO of TowerIQ, Inc. Unlike other life safety building systems, when a First Responder Distributed Antenna System fails it can be catastrophic to the entire region’s public safety dispatch system. The ability to immediately identify the problem building and begin repairs is critical to general public safety. TIQ.Cloud offers support for three tiers of users: service partners, property managers, and local first responders.

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