Technology & Innovation

Our products are explicitly engineered for reliable, compliant, operations and ease-of-install. Our dedicated focus on in-building public safety provides mission critical quality without mission critical price.

Precision Engineering

Every component and part we utilize is rigorously tried and tested to meet demanding set criteria. Ensuring every aspect of the system meets or exceeds compliance standards.

Service & Support

Our integrator network of highly skilled service partners are available 24/7. Each with vast experience in construction, public safety and your local municipal regulations. We’ll never let you down.

Signal Where it Matters

Tragic losses of life have highlighted the need for a vast improvement of the coverage and dependability of emergency communications, especially inside buildings. Building code requirements call for all buildings to be capable of supporting public safety radio communications, as well as provide reliable communications and location services for civilian occupants. We have resolutely rose to the challenge and are committed to providing the most sophisticated and reliable communication systems available today.

The TowerIQ ecosystem of products and services set the standard for in-building wireless safety. Working closely with the fire alarm industry, and with the advantage of the very latest technology, we have specially designed and developed the world's most reliable and intelligent communications systems and devices.


FDNY ARCS Approved

Having the experience of engineering hundreds of Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems in NYC alone, TowerIQ and its partners are at the forefront of servicing the needs of the Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement Industry. TowerIQ and select resellers are FDNY ARCS B-03 certified, providing unmatched experience at getting installations of FDNY ARCS approved.

Please visit our Partners Page to locate a local authorized reseller of TowerIQ products and services.

A Proven Process


Measure Twice, Cut Once

  • Coordinate Frequencies
  • Seek Local & Federal Compliance
  • Plan Antenna Locations & Cable Pathways
  • Coordinate Equipment Locations


Trusted & Experienced Partners

  • Define Cabling & Antenna Plant
  • Adapt to Site Conditions
  • Simple Installation
  • Drag and Drop Configuration


Intelligently Monitored, Continuously Safe

  • Prove Installation Compliance
  • Confirm Coverage Strength
  • Gain Authority Approval
  • Monitor for Continued Compliance