Tactical Series

NFPA-1221: Universal Dedicated Radio Monitor

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Supervise any Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement System

The most successful Dedicated Radio Monitor on the market today, the Tactical Series is unmatched in its reliability and flexibility for your local deployments. Compliant with all NFPA-72 and NFPA-1221 requirements rest easy knowing the Tactical Series is built for both Two-Way Radio and Fire-Alarm industry standards, easily integrating these two different systems.


Easy programming interface enables drag-and-drop configuration, easily defining NFPA reporting requirements from a vast array of devices.


Radio Amplification Monitors, Channel Supervisory Units, and Channel Control Units allow the Tactical Series meet all local requirements.


Utilizing industry standard protocols, for both two-way radio and fire-alarm systems, the Tactical Series can easily interface radio and fire alarm systems.