Tactical Series


The Tactical Series is the most installed, tested, and approved Dedicated Radio Monitor on the market. The Tactical Series is compliant with all NFPA-72 and NFPA 1221 requirements and built to exceed two-way radio and fire alarm industry standards.



    Our simple programming interface allows drag-and-drop configuration to simplify NFPA reporting requirements.


    Our system grows stronger with the integration of Radio Amplification Monitors, Channel Supervisory Units, and Channel Control Units


    The Tactical Series is compatible and adaptable for any two way-radio and fire alarm systems.


TowerlinQ Signaling Line Circuit

Operating over a single pair of fire resilient cable, the TowerlinQ Signaling Line Circuit is a high-speed IoT capable link, fully ground fault monitored, and supports up to 24 high-speed devices per loop. Based on versatile IP technology, our TowerlinQ SLC allows for the supervision and control of multiple signal boosters, dedicated radio consoles, and active or passive DAS. TowerlinQ SLC is compliant with industry standard P25 and is certified for a total installation length of 1000 meters!

TowerlinQ Signaling Line Circuit
The bundle includes:

Two Channel Supervisory Units

Two Channel Control Units

One Dedicated Radio Console Enclosure

One Radio Amplification Monitor

Dedicated Radio Console

The Dedicated Radio Console is compromised of a Dual Channel Supervisory and Control Unit Bundle, providing the incident commander with simultaneous control and supervision of two isolated operations. Ordering Information: TAB. 11-10359-0.400 Available for purchase at Anixter.

Cut Sheet - Channel Control Unit Dimensions - DRC Installation - DRC Cutsheet - DRC

Radio Amplification Monitor

The Radio Amplification Monitor can supervise all relay reporting, power supply, generator, automatic transfer switch, radio base station, a bi-directional amplifier, or an enclosure for any ‘trouble’ conditions.

Radio Amplification Monitor
Has eight supervised initiating device circuits.

Can monitor and log thousands of health metrics.

Each RAM includes a supervised relay controller, allowing supervised operation of the cooling equipment.

The RAM can support eight ‘Form C’ relays for supervision by the Fire-Alarm system.

Channel Supervisory Unit

The Channel Supervisory Unit (CSU) operates as an interface for emergency responders and stakeholders. When a fault condition is occurring at any radio enhancement system component, the CSU immediately announces it using both audible and visual alerts. The graphical user interface provides 'drill-down' and 'sum-up' navigation, giving an operator immediate awareness of a situation while allowing a technician to 'drill-down' for detailed ‘trouble’ information. Ordering Information: TAS.11-10000-04.00 Available for purchase at Anixter.

Cut Sheet - Channel Supervision Unit
The bundle includes:

One Channel Supervisory Unit

One Dedicated Radio Monitor Enclosure

One Radio Amplification Monitor

Dedicated Radio Monitor

Adaptable and expandable to any jurisdictional requirements, the Dedicated Radio Monitor can supervise all first responder communications and report data to any fire alarm system. Ordering Information: TAB. 11-10340-04.00 Available for purchase at Anixter.

Single CSU Enclosure
Upon arrival, the incident commander will insert the local elevators recall key to power the Dedicated Radio Console.

The incident commander has the option to control emergency responses using the CCU's handset, speakerphone, or even their own portable radio.

Channel Control Unit

The Tactical Series CCU provides the incident commander with all the functionality needed for control and communication of isolated operations.

Cut Sheet - Channel Control Unit


Devices to Help You Get the Job Done

Public Safety UHF Antenna

Public Safety UHF Antenna

Available in firefighter red or white, the public safety UHF antenna is in stock.

Cut Sheet - UHF Antenna

Public Safety RF Tapper

Public Safety RF Tapper

Supporting all public safety bands, VHF, UHF, 700MHz, and 800MHz.

Public Safety RF Tapper

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