Smart Buildings

For Life Safety

Be it an Auxiliary Radio Communication System, Emergency Enhanced Radio Coverage System, or In-Building First Responder System, TowerIQ's partners provide the expert knowledge and product to insuring your property's compliance.

Tactical Series, Dedicated Radio Console, Channel Supervisory Unit (CSU)
Provides best-in-class monitoring of First Responder In-Building Radio Communication Systems. Expandable to include direct control of a base station radio and modular reporting to the building's fire-alarm system.
Tactical Series, Dedicated Radio Console, Channel Control Unit (CCU)
An expansion to the Channel Supervisory Unit, the Channel Control Unit provides for the full digital control of an In-Building First Responder Base Station Radio.
RAU IP-54 Cabinet, Style A, Red Compliant, NEMA 4 Type Enclosure for First Responder Two-Way Radio Equipment.