About TowerIQ, Inc

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating a safer future by manufacturing the most adaptable, reliable, and survivable wireless networks for smart buildings and cities. 

Designed for Life-Safety

Our products are designed for life safety, not adapted to life safety. 

Wireless Advocates

Wireless can be low-cost, reliable, and more efficient than wired controls.

Universal Tools

We focus on a few core devices rather than a large variety of distractions.

Committed Support

We provide a customized response to your unique problems. 

Previous losses of life across New York City have highlighted the inadequate support and lack of situational awareness that emergency responders face. Today, nationally adopted building codes have recognized this deficiency and now require buildings to provide first responders with incident command ability, smart building technology, and wireless communication ability. 

Working alongside all stakeholders including first responders, property owners, and our Service Partners, we continue to develop and deploy revolutionary life-safety technology. Our exclusive focus is on providing the best value technology for protecting lives. 

Our values


Always respect who will use our products and under what scenario. Never fail those who we help protect.


Our products must be serviceable by trained technicians, not just engineering specialists.


Reputation is the best marketing and compromising our mission is too great of an expense, even it if means saying "no".


Create a plan, execute the plan, and track the results. Projects are risky, but having a process delivers success.

Who are you going to call?

Connor Crowley

CEO, Co-Founder

Douglas Baena

CRO, Co-Founder

Victor Semenov


Kateryna Bezverkha

Director of БаштаIQ Ltd

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Ukraine, Kyiv

Volodymyrska St, 48A Office 9

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