TowerIQ is excited to launch three new products aimed at enhancing in-building emergency response communication systems.


TowerIQ’s GuardianB is a Class B Public Safety BDA engineered for enhanced in-building coverage. With a maximum gain of 80 dB supporting 700/800 MHz Public Safety bands, it ensures reliable signal amplification for First Responders. GuardianB meets NFPA 72/1221, IFC 510 codes with UL2524 Certification and is equipped with dry contact alarming compatibility and remote monitoring. TowerIQ offers an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Guardian BBU:

The Guardian BBU, a reliable battery backup solution meticulously designed to meet NFPA 1221 standards. It seamlessly transitions to battery power during AC failures and supports 120/220 VAC input, offering user-selectable 12VDC/24VDC output. The Guardian BBU complies with UL2524, UL864, and CAN/ULC-S527 standards. Additionally, it includes comprehensive manuals for installation, connectivity, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Guardian TQ-ANN Annunciator:

Designed for compliance with UL2524 standards, the Guardian TQ-ANN Annunciator provides local and remote annunciation of BDA trouble conditions. It features visual indicators and nine supervised inputs, along with ten Form "C" output contacts for reporting to FACP and monitoring equipment. Housed in a NEMA4X stainless steel enclosure, it adds reliability to emergency response communication systems.

Tony Bowden, Chief Technology Officer of TowerIQ, emphasized the practicality of these releases, stating,

"The GuardianB, Guardian BBU, and Guardian TQ-ANN Annunciator embody our commitment to delivering intelligent, reliable, and compliant life safety solutions. They represent not just products, but our dedication to empowering clients with cutting-edge technology that ensures their safety and peace of mind."

For more information on the GuardianB, Guardian BBU, Guardian TQ-ANN Annunciator and TowerIQ's comprehensive suite of products, please click here.

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