Our wireless platforms provide building owners and first responders with life-saving and fire resilient two-way radio coverage.

When responders use their two-way radio indoors, the signal to the dispatch tower is blocked by obstacles including the sheer mass of the building, distance, and other buildings.

The first responder keys up their radio and the signal is received by the closest TowerlinQ Gateway installed inside the building.

The signal received by the TowerlinQ Gateway is then conveyed through the TowerlinQ Signaling Line Circuit throughout the building.

The Building Information Server processes the received signal and maintains a complete audit trail of system activity.

System health and transmission information is displayed to the incident commander via the Tactical Series Dedicated Radio Console installed at the building's Fire Command Center.

Simultaneously, the TowerlinQ Donor Gateway transmits the first responder's voice to the dispatch tower.

The audit trail and transmission information maintained by the Building Information Server is also sent to TowerIQ's secure cloud platform, TIQ.Cloud.