Since the adoption of the 2014 New York City Building Code, any building that is under construction, major renovation, and is over 75' tall must have certified radio coverage.

What is an ARC System (ARCS)?

An Auxiliary Radio Communication System (ARCS) is an installed distributed antenna system enabling a firefighter to communicate from any location inside a building that is within the transmission range of an antenna. ARC Systems use two-way radio technology to enhance transmitted signals to create certified coverage throughout buildings where municipal jurisdictions require the system.

Why do I need an FDNY ARCS?

The FDNY ARCS program was implemented to meet the 2014 New York City Building Code, ensuring that the FDNY can use two-way radio communications to coordinate an emergency response. TowerIQ's Tactical Series is universally adaptable to fit any ARC or BDA system and meets national requirements for municipal jurisdictions.

How Do I Design an ARC System?

Each ARC System requires a skilled RF engineering team to design.


TowerIQ's specialized RF engineering team design ARC Systems for free using TowerIQ products. FDNY ARC System designs are then filed along with the proposed building's fire alarm paperwork to the FDNY and Department of Buildings (DoB). Our Inside Sales team can assist you in filing for your ARC System to the DoB by contacting us.

Where can my FDNY ARCS be installed?

As an ARC System needs to be operational during a fire, engineers generally use existing fire-rated pathways such as staircases to provide two-way radio coverage.


ARC System locations are determined by the engineers overseeing the building in question. FDNY ARCS are usually located throughout the building with the Radio Amplification Unit in a fire-rated room and the Dedicated Radio Console located in the lobby, front desk, or hallway of the lobby. Need an engineer to oversee your building? We partner with highly experienced firms.

ARC System Maintenance

The FDNY requires each ARC System installation to be supervised just as any fire-alarm system would.

Health Monitoring and Supervision

Each ARCS installation monitors thousands of health metrics and interprets the severity of every data points while transmitting data to the system operator. Our system is able to detect signal booster issues, supply power problems, ground faults, and antenna damage in addition to any other conditions.