Our monitoring and programming platform, TIQ.Cloud, easily enables the deployment of TowerIQ devices and networks while facilitating secure access to third-party IoT sensors and analytics partners.

Confidently Install and Supervise Your Public Safety DAS

TIQ.Cloud seamlessly provides supervision of Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems by enabling stakeholders to instantly view the status of buildings covered by TowerIQ equipment. TowerIQ's Service Partners are granted maintenance access by property managers to configure and monitor the installation through TIQ.Cloud. TIQ.Cloud has the capability to securely deploy smart building and smart city sensors through the TowerlinQ Series wireless networks.

As a wireless network operator, TowerIQ will not access or share your data. Instead, the TIQ.Cloud recognizes the unique I.D. of your sensors and relays the data envelope to the cloud solution of your choice through our secure API. Sensor subscriptions costs are considerably more economical than those of competing solutions when operating your system on a life-safety certified network.


  • Create a new installation to program and configure TowerIQ devices.
  • Use the drag-and-drop interface and menu programming for Tactical Series devices and previously programmed SNMP MIB.
  • Save and load template configurations for repeated installations in your jurisdiction.


  • Ability to silence alarms at your installation while troubleshooting.
  • Upload SNMP MIB to the TIQ.Cloud and program "health metrics" to meet municipal requirements.
  • Create different user groups so employees can use your account.


  • View and change historical logs for all devices and for specific installation.
  • View system statuses of all installations that are under system integrators preview.
  • Upload and maintain records of local municipal approval for system operations.

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