TowerlinQ Node

TowerlinQ (TQ) system is a pioneer distributed active DAS auxiliary radio-communication system intended for use by firefighters and rescuers within high-rise buildings. It operates as a point-to-multipoint active RF (Radio Frequency) repeater and utilizes 2 hour fire and riser rated twisted pair fire alarm cable rather than standard RF or fiber optic cabling.

The TQ system consists of a set of active nodes (TQN) each of which itself is a transceiver. The controlling node (the hub) and regular TQN, up to 40 of them, communicate to each other via a serial bus type signaling line with maximum length of 3000 meters using TowerlinQ repeaters (TQR). In addition to the TQR and the TQN, the system includes a DRC (Dedicated Radio Console) unit and is integrated with a supporting TIQ.Cloud application.

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